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What You Can Sell on The Button Owl?

Handmade Goods

Personalised Items

Craft Supplies

What Products Can I Sell On The Button Owl ?

You can sell handmade goods and personalised items on The Button Owl.

The Sellers are accountable for there own product and must ensure that they have the correct paperwork and always following all the legal policies for the items they sell. (From CE Testing to quality control etc)

The Button Owl Is not accountable or responsible for the seller's products/items (quality, price etc)  or for any of the seller having the correct legal paperwork. (From registered with HMRC, to there own vat and taxes etc

Prohibited Items

The Button Owl Has produced a list of item/products which are prohibited to sell on the marketplace.

No items which infringe copyright or trademark

Adult and pornographic films etc

Illegal, dangerous or hazardous products

Second-hand items


Used Items

Blank Products That are Mass Produced ready to use eg hoodies, poloshirt, tshirts etc that have not had any personalisation add or been modified with print etc

The Button Owl is a marketplace that connects the sellers of the personalised and handcrafted products to the buyers that are looking for these products.