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Why you should shop with small businesses

You should shop with small businesses because they are bespoke manufacturers, craftsman, creative entrepreneur, independent designers all from the United Kingdom and in one place.

Unlike other marketplace platforms, the button owl only charges a small monthly fee and no commission,  the card payment provider only charge a small fee to the seller so the creative seller earns more money to provide for there families.

Discover handcrafted Bespoke products / items

Find handmade and personalised Unique products that you do not find on most high streets which are manufactured/personalised here in the UK by our partners (independent craft people) and delivered directly to your door.

Buyer Protection

The button owl provides a secure and safe payment online by using stripe for our card payment to learn more click here

We also use SSL Certificate to secure all the pages on this website.

Order From numerous Sellers

Ordering From our website you can buy from various seller all in one transaction, which means your helping small business people that make personalised and hand-craft products.